Quick Start Session – 90 minutes
• Yolanda uses the PSYCH-K process, coupled with her intuitive readings, to pinpoint problem areas in your life and find resolution within the session. No waiting to feel better. Relieve mental clutter, transform what is stopping you from achieving your goals, and unburden your heart.

Mini-VIP Session – 3 hours
• Concentrated one on one time. For those whose schedule is short on time and have specific issues they need addressed quickly. Explore your goals and find where your blocks are.

VIP Session – 5 hours
• One-to-one, focused session. For those whose schedule is short on time and are wanting a concentrated, quantum-leap forward. Create a solid Mind/Body/Spirit foundation. Release disempowering hot buttons with self and others. Increase your understanding, communication and rapport.

1-1 Private Coaching Program (Includes Basic Workshop)
• For those that desire a private coaching environment. Let me help you navigate your blind spots, transform your limiting beliefs and stuck energy, and create the successful life and business you desire. 18 Sessions, 45 minutes each – 3 times per month for 6 month, including unlimited e-mail access to Yolanda.

Group Coaching Program (Includes Basic Workshop)
• This program is for those who enjoy the atmosphere of group dynamics and the insights and aha’s you get from being a part of other people’s processes. We explore and transform the places where you are stuck and in resistance to yourself. The program includes 18 transformational calls, 75 minutes each, happening three time a month for six months.
PSYCH-K Basic Workshop – 2 Days
• Learn the PSYCH-K Process so you can transform life-long challenges easily and effectively.


Private Sessions in Person, by Phone or Skype

Call to schedule appointments:  618-559-8331

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